Kids menu

Free for children under 12 years old


mixed vegetable salad with soar-cream

Tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and soar-cream dressing

salad “Sea adventures”

Kamchatka crab meat, omul (arctic cisco) caviar, boiled potatoes under “Capri” dressing

salad “Hercules”

Roasted thinly sliced beef undercut pieces, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, radish, sweet pepper and sesame with olive oil dressing



Traditional Russian soup with meat broth, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot and herbs. Served with or without soar-cream

Chicken soup

Homemade chicken soup with noodles, potatoes and carrots

Soup with meat-balls

Soup with meat-balls, potatoes, carrots and herbs


Crabmeat cutlet

Fillet of turbot grilled or poached

Grilled king prawns


Meat pizza

Rabbit cutlet

Chicken kebab

Pelmeni *without broth

*“Pelmeni” are Siberian dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. Served boiled or in a broth

Pelmeni in a broth

Burger with veal meat

Side orders (you can choose any garnish with the hot course)

French fries

Boiled new potatoes

Mashed potatoes



Grilled vegetables


penne, spaghetti, with\without cheese



Milk shake


Встречай Новый год в сказке!

Сказочный Новый год ждет тебя в ресторане экспедиция! Только здесь - настоящие северные блюда, по-детски беспечная и по-взрослому загадочная атмосфера. Отсюда и до главной ёлки рукой подать, поэтому настоящий Дед Мороз, наверняка, не пройдёт мимо ресторана.

Corner of the Russian north in the center of Moscow

Restaurant "expedition"

North cuisine

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Bath "Expedition"

Siberian baths in the center of the capital

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Store of the Expedition "Taiga Zimovye"

Taste of wild nature

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Shop Expedition "Factory"

Crossroads of the worlds

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Moscow, Pevcheskiy pereulok 6
metro: Kitai-Gorod
Tel: +7(495) 775-60-75

Guaranteed discounts for table booking from the site
  • Book from 1 to 5 guests

    10% discount
  • Book from 6 to 10 guests

    10% discount + tincture "expedition" / 0.5 l. On your choice
  • Booking conditions from 11 guests

    10% discount + 2 branded tinctures "expedition"/ 0,5 l. On your choice
* discounts for different stocks and club cards are not summarized