Delicacies of the Russian North

Delicacies of the Russian North

  • Stroganina from Reindeer

    990 rub.
    Stroganina from Reindeer meat with soft- marinated onions, coarse salt and sliced horseradish
  • Classical Siberian Stroganina from Muksun

    1780 rub.
    Finely sliced fillet of frozen Muksun with different sauces
  • Stroganina "Yakut style" from Nelma with different sauces

    2110 rub.
  • Stroganina from sea scallops with different sauces

    1950 rub.
  • Rubanina from Lena sturgeon

    1830 rub.
  • Indigirka salad

    1520 rub.
    Original recipe of Indigirka salad from slack-salted nelma with fresh onions, in an ice block

Polar Explorer sets

  • «Nansen's hoard»

    11900 rub.
    Stroganina of muksun (whitefish), nelma (white salmon), nerka (blueback salmon) and sea scallop; Rubanina of sturgeon from Lena river and Yakut salad “Indigirka are served with algae, lemon and herbs on a “block” of ice with two shots of cold vodka and homemade sauces: smoked soy sauce, cowberry-mustard sauce and sea salt with pepper
  • «Polar pontoon»

    5840 rub.
    A chest with the traveler’s foodstuffs: Stroganina of muksun (whitefish), sea scallops and reindeer; Jukola* of muksun and reindeer; caviar assortment of omul (arctic cisco), nerka (blueback salm-on), sea-urchin and pike; boiled reindeer tongue, smoked venison, cold smoked omul (arctic cisco), boiled young potatoes with sliced horse-radish, marinated ceps with onion rings, salad with bracken sprouts, soaked cowberries and two types of vodka tinctures of the House. *Jukola is dried by the sun and wind fish or meat, traditional Siberian and Far-Eastern dish.

Northern delicacies

  • «Baikal port»

    1850 rub.
    Light-marinated omul (arctic cisco) from Baikal lake with onions, garlic and sea salt with pepper
  • «Northern boat»

    4970 rub.
    An assortment of light-salted muksun (whitefish), nelma (white salmon), nerka (blueblack salmon), omul (arctic cisco) and trumpet snail is served with sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon and garnished with boiled young potatoes, salad of fresh cucumbers and kohlrabi, algae, boiled salsify and spring onions
  • Light salted muksun

    1360 rub.
    Light salted muksun (whitefish) with boiled young potatoes, sliced horseradish and soaked lemon
  • Omul salted in a barrel

    1170 rub.
    Omul (arctic cisco) with boiled young potatoes, sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon
  • Omul cold smoked

    1390 rub.
    Omul with boiled young potatoes, sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon
  • Nelma light salted

    1690 rub.
    Nelma (white salmon) with boiled young potatoes, sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon
  • Nelma cold smoked

    1860 rub.
    Nelma (white salmon) with boiled young potatoes, sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon
  • Light salted nerka

    1280 rub.
    Light salted nerka (blueback salmon) with boiled young potatoes, sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon
  • Olyutorsky herring

    980 rub.
    Dainty herring of spicy salting is served with boiled young potatoes, sliced horse-radish and soaked lemon
  • Murmansk ruffe Goldish

    1330 rub.
    Murmansk ruffe Goldish dainty meat of a dried ruffe is the perfect snack to beer!

Cold appetizers

  • «Olukte»

    3070 rub.
    Smoked reindeer, deer’s heart roll, young horse meat from Oimyakon in the onion brine, rolls of wild duck, tongue of reindeer with horseradish, goos bean goos, caviar of reindeer liver and cowberry
  • «For our victory!»

    25000 rub.
    Black sturgeon caviar with wheat crisp bread and on your choice a bottle of champagne or vodka
  • «Iskeh tableland»

    2670 rub.
    Sea-urchin caviar and light-salted caviar of omul (arctic cisco), nerka (bleuback salmon) and pike. Served with sour cream and spring onions
  • «Batagai starter»

    1430 rub.
    Moose meat home-made aspic with sliced horse-radish and mustard
  • Smoked venison

    1190 rub.
    Thinly sliced venison with soaked cowberries, sliced horse-radish, cedar nuts and herbs
  • Boiled reindeer tongue

    1530 rub.
    Boiled reindeer tongue is served hot with sliced horse-radish and herbs

    900 rub.
    Light salted salo* with meat layers with baked potatoes, garlic,crispbread and black salt. *Salo is a traditional Russian food consisting of cured slabs of fatback or rarely pork belly. Mostly uses salt, garlic and black pepper.
  • Sour cabbage

    430 rub.
    Sour cabbage with frozen cranberries and herbs
  • Soaked cowberry

    320 rub.
    Being soaked, this Taiga forest berry keeps its healing power and vitamins to the maximum
  • Freshly salted cucumbers

    680 rub.
    Freshly salted cucumbers is served with fragrant honey and herbs
  • Mushroom assortment

    2070 rub.
    Mushroom assortment of marinated ceps, salted saffron milk caps and milk mushrooms with sour cream and herbs
  • Salted milk mushrooms

    770 rub.
    Salted milk mushrooms with oil dressing is served with onion rings, herbs and sour cream
  • Salted saffron milk caps

    720 rub.
    Salted saffron milk caps with oil dressing is served with onion rings and sour cream
  • Marinated ceps

    810 rub.
    Marinated ceps with fragrant oil, onion rings and herbs
  • Salted vegetables assortment

    1340 rub.
    Freshly salted tomatoes and cucumbers and sour cabbage with fro-zen cranberries


  • «Okhinsky»

    1820 rub.
    Salad with roasted sea scallops, crab meat, omul (arctic cisco) caviar, vegetables, sal-ad leaves and herbs
  • «Dzhugdyr»

    990 rub.
    Light-salted muksun (whitefish), omul (arctic cisco) and nerka (blueback salmon) with cucum-bers, radish, red onion and dressing made from cloudberry and fragrant oil.
  • «Northern lake Baikal»

    1430 rub.
    Cold smoked omul (arctic cisco), boiled potatoes, omul caviar, cucumbers, salad leaves, red on-ion, soaked cowberries and marinated apple with homemade mayonnaise dressing
  • «Multicolored»

    860 rub.
    Salad with fresh vegetables, warm pumpkin seeds and cedar oil dressing
  • Salad with trumpet snail and sea scallop

    1680 rub.
    Light-marinated scallop from Kamchatka, trumpet snail, omul (arctic cisco) caviar, tomatoes, salad leaves and pumpkin seeds with olive oil dressing
  • Salad with crab meat and duck fillet

    2390 rub.
    Crab meat, duck fillet, omul (arctic cisco) caviar, tomatoes concassé, fresh tomatoes and quail eggs with homemade mayonnaise dressing
  • Salad of tender elk meat

    1310 rub.
    Salad of tender elk meat, boiled potatoes with quail egg and radish in mustard dressing.


  • «Hunter’s shchi»

    980 rub.
    Stewed cabbage soup with moose meat, sauerkraut, air-dried tomatoes, forest mushrooms and celery. Soup is served with homemade sour cream and rye “kalitka” (Karelian pie) with potatoes
  • «Taiga Talan»

    1370 rub.
    This rich soup with wood gouse, moose meat, venison, wild boar, vegetables and Taiga herbs is served with homemade sour cream
  • «Shulyum»

    1200 rub.
    A real hunter’s soup with wood grouse, potatoes, tomatoes and celery is served with roasted bread and onion and seal salt with pepper
  • «Ulukitkan»

    1300 rub.
    This dainty cream soup with moose meat, Taiga roots and juniper is served with sour cream, soaked cowberries and mini sandwiches with roasted reindeer heart
  • Ukha

    1080 rub.
    Fish clear soup (on pure Baikal lake water) with omul (arctic cisco), muksun (whitefish) and cod liver is served with a shot of cold horse-radish vodka tincture
  • Mushroom soup

    970 rub.
    Soup (on spring water) with forest mushrooms, potatoes, pearl barley and handmade sour cream
  • Fish broth

    890 rub.
    This rich broth with muksun (whitefish), nelma (white salmon) and nerka (blueback salmon) is served with a piece of hot fish pie and herbs

Hot appetizers

  • «La Perouse Strait»

    2280 rub.
    Far-eastern sea scallop is baked in its own shell with crabmeat, shrimps and Bechamel sauce. Served with algae, sea salt and fried bread with garlic butter and herbs
  • Grilled reindeers tongues

    1920 rub.
    Grilled reindeers tongues are served with Yakut flatbreads, cowberry sauce and sliced horse-radish
  • Mutton in the Urtam way

    1370 rub.
    Minced mutton from Altay mountains is grilled in flatbread and served with cherry sauce and cucumber-garlic sauce
  • Baikal lake omul

    1080 rub.
    Hot smoked omul (arctic cisco) is served with salted cucumbers, soaked cow-berries, crispbread and herbs

    1260 rub.
    Fried potatoes with cep mushrooms and sour cream sauce, served with onion patty
  • Brake fern fried on cedar oil with garlic

    480 rub.
  • Perm «wee-wee-pies»

    10 pies / 990 rub.
    A sort of pies, which splash juice
  • Pies with potatoes and mick mushrooms

    2 pies / 640 rub.
  • Pies with wild duck

    2 pies / 710 rub.
  • PIES with elk meat

    2 pies / 710 rub.
  • PIES with sturgeon

    2 pies / 740 rub.


  • «Port Arthur»

    1730 rub.
    The far east pelmeni with the cuttlefish ink “Port Arthur”
  • «Kamchatka»

    1480 rub.
    Pelmeni from Kamchatka crab and with pike caviar
  • Classic East-Siberian meat pelmeni

    1420 rub.
    Classic East-Siberian meat pelmeni with fern, in a nourishing broth
  • «Taiga hermitage»

    840 rub.
    Vareniks (kind of stuffed dumplings) stuffed with mashed potato and milk mushrooms
  • Dumplings with the liver

    890 rub.
    Dumplings with the liver of the deer served with sour cream
  • Classic West-Siberian meat pelmeni

    1420 rub.
    Classic West-Siberian meat pelmeni with sour cream


  • Kamchatka crab

    5200 rub.
    Kamchatka crab with sea scallops, served with onion and sour-cream sauce. The dish is prepared right in front of you
  • «Kukan»

    8600 rub.
    Grilled muksun, nelma, coho salmon, scallop and sturgeon served with bracken fern and magno-lia-vine sauce
  • Grilled Muksun

    2190 rub.
    Grilled Muksun fillet with warm vegetable salad, bracken (fern), and briar juice
  • «UCHUG»

    2690 rub.
    Strugeon grill with baked potatoes (fish form the river Lena)
  • «Fish puck»

    1760 rub.
    Cutlet from pike and omul with mashed potatoes and omul caviar
  • «Boussole chanel»

    2450 rub.
    Sea scallop cutlets with tomato and lemongrass sauce
  • Nelma, baked in sour cream with potatoes and smoked omul

    2580 rub.
  • Kamchatka cutlet from crab meat

    2670 rub.

    780 rub.

    900 rub.

    870 rub.

Hot meat dishes

  • Wood game plate

    8200 rub.
    Grilled reindeer, hazel hen, bean goose, elk meat and reindeer hearts, with soaked rock cranberries, potatoes and spicy sauce.
  • «Geologist’s ration»

    1190 rub.
    Reindeer stew with buckwheat, pickles.
  • «Shonguiskoe solnce»

    2160 rub.
    Chopped cutlet from reindeer and boar with buckwheat. Served with raw yolk, mushroom and wine sauces.
  • Grilled roe deer meat

    2430 rub.
    Grilled roe deer meat with buckwheat, crispy salad and cherry sauce.
  • Burger «Dawson» with venison

    1720 rub.
  • Shish kebab

    1380 rub.
    Shish kebab of deer liver with marinated onion.

    2180 rub.
    Served on an oak plate with mushrooms in sour cream, cherry sauce and soaked berries
  • Macaroni marine style

    1160 rub.
    Macaroni marine style with elk meat and reindeers liver.

    2470 rub.
  • Marinated Elk meat grilled

    2240 rub.
    Marinated Elk meat grilled with cep mushrooms (fried in sour cream), cabbages and potatoes with sauce from taiga tea
  • Venison on the bone grilled with potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms

    2890 rub.


  • Layer cake from cloudberries

    890 rub.
  • Poppy cake with blueberries

    740 rub.
  • Siberian berry pie with raspberry sauce

    810 rub.
  • Kirshbeeren cake with vanille ice-cream

    820 rub.
  • Pie with cedar nuts and honey

    800 rub.
  • «Karelian kalitka»

    740 rub.
    Rye cake with cream cheese and blackberry
  • Candied roasted cedar nuts

    790 rub.
  • Chilled cranberries with warm caramel

    450 rub.
  • «Dessert tourist» boiled condensed milk

    480 rub.
  • Cloudberry sorbet

    590 rub.
  • Sorbets

    250 rub.
    in assortment: taiga tea, sea-buckthorn, wild raspberry, black currant
  • Cedar ice-cream with soaked berries

    470 rub.

    400 rub.

    400 rub.
  • Blueberry and cedar nuts with honey

    150g / 540 rub.
  • Blueberry and cedar nuts with condensed milk

    150g / 540 rub.
  • Cloudberry in own juice

    150g / 1150 rub.
  • Cranberries in own juice

    150g / 350 rub.
  • Blueberries in own juice

    150g / 450 rub.
  • Honey from Altai with cedar nuts and home cookies

    100/40g / 430 rub.
  • Cowberry jam with pine nuts

    100g / 540 rub.
  • Bilberry jam

    100g / 450 rub.
  • Confiture of pine cone

    100g / 540 rub.
  • Cloudberry jam

    100g / 940 rub.
  • Jam of sea-buckthorn

    100g / 540 rub.
  • Klopovka jam (red Sakhalin berries)

    100g / 980 rub.
  • Wild strawberry jem

    100g / 540 rub.
  • Wild raspberry jam

    100g / 540 rub.

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